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Last Post 01 Jun 2017 04:55 PM by  pault1
UTVs and ATVs in Solo
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Mike W

New Member

New Member

21 May 2017 09:07 PM


    What rules govern (prevent) the use of UTVs and ATVs in Solo events. I've told people that we have classes for just about anything with 4 wheels excluding ATVs. Can someone point me to the rules that prevent them from being eligible?



    TIA, Mike 


    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    30 May 2017 02:31 PM

    Not recognized as street legal production cars knocks them out of most classes.  Leaving Mod.  Mod has width & wheelbase limits for most classes.  Leaving A Mod.  I also think we have rules to prevent tall vehicles that are a rollover risk.  So may have to lower it to pass those.

    I keep imagining a 200hp super bike engine single seat UAV with a road race suspension kit as a great spec class for the future.  Kinda like a Spec Atom at half the price.


    New Member

    New Member

    01 Jun 2017 04:55 PM
    What Grintch said. Dune buggies are allowed as they are formerly or currently street licensed/licensable. Locally they have been classed in E Mod. So tell people "Just about anything with 4 wheels that has ever been street licensed", plus the Mods that are pure race cars, and karts. We also locally have an Open Street Prepared, which is sorta in between the other categories, but it still requires street licensed at some point in the past.
    Text probably copyright San Francisco Region:
    "Rules for “Open Street Prepared ” class.
    This is a SFR-only class.
    The vehicle must have originally been produced for and registered for street use. A license plate on the car and a registration document showing the plate belonging to the vehicle will be accepted as proof of original registration for the street. A current registration sticker need not be evident on the plate as the vehicle registration does not need to be current.
    The vehicles must compete on D. O. T. (Department of Transportation) approved tires.
    The SFR value for this class for indexing purposes will be the current SSM index + 0.002. "

    Interestingly this does not seem to prevent cars that are otherwise ineligible, for instance non-Abarth Fiat 500's and other cars failing the "taller than wide" type of rule. But we haven't had that come up AFAIK. RepliCobras on Hoosiers and such generally have run here in the past though I believe at Nationals they class as E Mod.
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