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Last Post 26 Jun 2017 09:35 PM by  Niko
Consistency and tires.
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26 Jun 2017 09:35 PM

    Hey guys, my name is Nick. I finally took the jump and decided to drive in my first rallycross this past weekend. No more excuses about, not the right car, the project car will be outclassed, I just hopped in my 2005 toyota camry se (2.4) which I inherited from my late grandfather and decided to see how much abuse it would take. It's an automatic and my first run was my slowest which I attribute to a few things, not starting in "Low"/first (the u250e transmission will stay in first as long as the gear selector has it indicated.) and not really having any prior race/time trial experience. It was a 1.2 km course and the first heat was about 112 seconds and the fourth was 104. The next heats were run in reverse and had a minor course change. first heat was 98 and my fastest was 94. The field is pretty loosely packed dirt with some crushed limestone over a bedrock type foundation. I'm runnign BFgoodrich sport comp 2's as my street tires and I didnt change them out. They're a 225 width and from the reasearch I've down a narrower tire allows better bite as it "digs in" better. I would love to talk about technique and any success anyone has had for making a fwd car grip better or rotate easier without bumping me into prepared. 

    My main Idea from my experience is that there is room to grow even in my current configuration. Mainly because the times weren't consistent, each lap was quicker than the last. Which I'm taking means I kept pushing the car as I found it's limits. Is this logical but not necessarily true?

    And of course I was curious if anyone could recall how much of an improvement switching to snow tires gave them (besides not desroying your street tires lol) 

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