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Last Post 23 Sep 2017 04:34 PM by  flyguy
Tired of shagging cones? I'm looking for people to be safety stewards!
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22 Sep 2017 05:52 PM

    Hey everyone! Lately I've been running short on Safety Stewards and am looking for people to get certified so that we can keep events going. There has to be a safety steward at every event and at the minimum another safety steward needs to cover the job while that person is running. If we ever end up with an event where 100% coverage can't be achieved, that event can't happen. Duties include verifying set up of a safe perimeter, ensuring the course adheres to SCCA standards, setting up course worker stations, ensuring everyone required has signed a waiver and has either a wristband or an annual waiver, filling out an incident form in the event it is required, and ensuring overall safety at an event through out the day. It's a fairly easy job but there are a few requirements to obtain a Solo Safety Steward certification in order to do it. They are:

    -Have to be an SCCA annual member

    -Attend a short class to learn everything you need to know

    -Shadow for one heat at two events

    -Submit your paperwork to SCCA showing all of the above

    The more people that want to do this, the better off our region will be. As we all know, everyone can't attend every event and I'd like to have as many as we can get certified so we will always be running without any issue. If you want to do this or if you have any questions, respond here, email or text me, or talk to me or another Safety Steward at one of the events. I'll be the guy in the kart. When I get some people that want to do this, I will have a class set up to attend with our local instructor.



    Tim Brueske



    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    23 Sep 2017 04:34 PM
    I want to second what Tim posted as this is an ongoing problem. We train people every year but most don't follow through with the requirements - which are pretty simple. As he said,without safety steward coverage the event doesn't happen so please consider becoming a safety steward and help us ensure adequate coverage for our events.

    Mike Kenney
    Mike Kenney STL Region - Novice School Chair
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