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Last Post 29 Nov 2017 11:54 AM by  conecarver
Sold ... Complete KM setup available (shifter kart)
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29 Nov 2017 11:54 AM
    So after 10+ years in KM I have decided to change things up a bit and that means my current complete KM setup is available. This is the easy button for anyone who wants to run KM and is great for those of us with limited space.. I even kept racing for 6 months during a house remodel with the trailer in the apartment parking lot. I am looking for $6,500 for everything!! That is 1 chassis, 2 complete carb to pipe motor packages, all tuning parts, Spares, and Kart Specific tools inc tire changing tools. Did I mention a full set of tires are $225 shipped to your door. I will also be happy to assist the new owner with getting up to speed on the in's and out's. Kart is currently setup for someone 6 foot plus and 200 plus pounds (I am 6'4 and weigh 230#)  Package is located in Nashville TN

    Trailer has a cool stacker setup with electric winch for easy one person loading and unloading of the kart.


    Video from Bristol this year 


    link to pics below and then most of the gory details (warning long) PM me or e-mail concarvermini (AT) yahoo.com



    Both are SGM SL204 motors from 2004/2005. The stock motor is slightly off the Peak power of the latest ICC/KZ motors but has a wider power band (area under the curve) the “ICC Built” motor gives up little to nothing compared to any legal ICC/KZ motor or MOD MOTO. Both are easy and forgiving to tune, with a slightly conservative jet you rarely need to change anything. No reason either motor can’t win at Nationals!!

    Parts are available through Excel Racing in the Northwest, Russell Karting in KC, and online direct from Italy. These motors are known for their high quality parts machining, and reliability.


    Primary Motor (broad flexible power) on Kart now.

    100% fresh at the start of the 2013 season (I did the break in)

    Stock porting,

    Last crank (bottom end) rebuild was done by Jim Russell Jr at Russell Karting in KC (approx. 5 hours on bottom end)

    I put a new top end after I slightly burnt a piston at the Toledo Pro in 2014 (no damage to cylinder) so about 2 hours on current piston (inspected beginning of 17 season… looked brand new.. 0 blow by)

    Revs to approx. 14,200 RPM in overrev, ideal shift is 13,500ish

    Spare Motor (better top end power at the slight expense of bottom end torque)

    Not Stock, built to the limit of ICC Rules by Genesis Karting (the original Canadian Importer) for top level Sprint Karting.

    Bottom end time unknown was bought with a claimed 4 hours on bottom end I put about 4 more on it before moving to spare status, Top end had 4 hours on it.

    Issues: clutch seal leaks oil from Transmission to the Dry Clutch and over time it gets on the friction disks and the material breaks up… not a problem if you remove and clean each event but annoying… needs a new seal or 2 to fix, other issue is one of the studs that holds the cylinder to the case is broken… easy fix on that one.

    Revs to approx. 14,600 RPM in overrev, ideal shift is 13,700ish

    Spare motor is in a nice plastic scribner box for storage / shipping

    Motor Spares

    Full set of new clutch friction disks, used set of steel floaters in good condition, Large number of used friction disks and aluminum floaters that can be used in a pinch. 

    New clutch springs and retainers (x6)

    2 top end kits (piston, ring, cir-clips, pin, and roller bearing) .. 1 regular, one coated (claimed to eliminate the need to break in the piston)

    Spare set of new Reeds

    In total there are 2 carbs 

    First is setup with the “Tech Sav” setup developed in Europe (on the kart now and better I think esp at launch/midrange)

    Second is setup with the Jim Russell Jr Setup he used for road racing a few years ago (less smoky in grid)

    Total of 2 Pipes and u bends (one on kart one for spare motor)

    A few new spark plugs and numerous used ones

    Full Homologation Paperwork and full Printed Parts book

    Electronic version of parts book, years of setup notes and a good jet calculator for Microsoft excel, and gearing calculator for excel.

    Chassis (bought in 2013, 13/14 seasons about 10 events each, 15 season 3 events, 16 season 6 events, 17 season 5 events all on current motor above)

    2008 Gillard Charlotte

    Ven05 CRG Ceramic Brakes and master cylinders

    Stock medium Axle and stock medium hubs currently installed (50mm diameter)

    0 castor pills installed

    OTK Magnesium wheels with 6 run old MG Greens (from 2017 Nationals)

    Modified OTK Extended front porch for tall drivers (can be removed)

    Swift Pedals

    XLT Ribtect Carbon Fiber Seat

    Ellis dual core radiator (small and built to save weight) 

    Small fuel tank (to save weight) Large original tank comes with too

    Plumbed with Arrow/KartSport Silicone Fuel lines so no need to re do the lines every year

    Redundant water pumps, mechanical axle driven pump used while driving, second battery powered pump with on off switch for waiting in line / pro solos. 

    Electric pump and ballistic battery weigh 1 pound combined (comes with specified battery charger)

    Gillard Specific Parts are available from PDB America, Brake Parts through CRG / generic, Many Chassis parts are generic (hubs, axles, bearings, and so on. 

    Tuning parts / Chassis Spares

    3 chassis bars: front, rear (bladed), Middle (4th rail)

    Freeline Axles (Hard, Medium Hard) and 3 nice vinyl Axle Bags 

    OTK Extra Long double pinch bolt Magnesium Hubs

    Swift Long double pinch bolt Aluminum Hubs

    Offset Castor/Camber pills (can replace 0 pills currently installed)

    2nd set of OTK Magnesium Wheels 

    1 Set of Douglas Aluminum wheels with Dunlop Rains mounted

    Spare L and Right spindle

    2 kingpin bolts

    Tie rods and rod ends

    Pedal extensions for shorter drivers (multiple configurations possible)

    Tire sets (1 set of 5 year old Hoosier R50s very good condition but not super sticky at this point) (40 run MG Greens from 2016 Nationals good for locals) (and old 2014 greens in the trailer that hold air)

    set of axle gears and motor gears to cover autocross, sprint and road racing, includeing extra c clip(s) to secure motor gear.

    range of Jets, needles, tubes for carbs.. main jets from 130-145 ( I use 130-135 in practice more than 135 only if its seriously cold)

    Lots of misc hardware, spacers, fasteners etc in organized parts bins

    Extra new and used cables for clutch/throttle

    Old medium small seat and some extra body work (grey)

    And more I can’t think of right now

    Kart Specific tools (full tool package negotiable)

    2 Stands , one Horizontal for use during events, one Vertical for compact storage. 

    Longacre Air Density Gauge, c clip plyers, Safety Wire plyers, spring hook, chain breaker, Bead breaker for tiers, Tire Pryr (http://www.tirepryr.com/) for easy tire chages, 0-30 PSI tire gauge, valve core tool, 10mm t handle lug wrench, big rubber hammer, nice dial indicator to find TDC (to checking ign. timing)

    Lots of extra fluids and stuff, some premix oil, wd40, 0-20 motor oil for transmission, chain lube, lithium grease, premix measure, marvel mystery oil, etc 

    Safety Gear, 

    2 rib vests, one neck collar, one ragged kart jacket used for 10 years… its usable but not pretty, gloves, one really big and tall karting suit from K1 used 2 or 3 times… add shoes and a closed face helmet and you are ready to go…


    Bought new in 2014 never registered or titled (have certificate of orgin) 

    All Aluminum 6x10 v nose (1,000 pounds empty) with ramp door, cut down to fit in a standard garage and save a little gas when towing, pewter in color, both tires/wheels new last year mid-season, spare tire and extra rim included, 1.5” lowering blocks (included but not currently installed). Small roof vent installed, Custom steel rack with electric winch to allow loading and transport of kart with no outside help also allows room to have a second kart in the trailer… one person operation, small solar panel and charge controller to keep the deep cell battery for the fan and winch charged. Bike fork mount on floor. The entire setup and all spares fit in the trailer with room to spare!! I would guess 1400-1600 pounds fully loaded  Trailer is dirty and one fender was reshaped after a blowout towing to the Grenada Match Tour in 2016.

    $6,500 OBO
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