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Last Post 01 Feb 2018 11:37 AM by  Tyler
SOLD 2007 Civic Coupe Si H Street 7th at Fall Nats 2017
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01 Feb 2018 11:37 AM

    2007 Civic Si Coupe. 108k all highway miles 😜.



    Background info before I explain what is done to the car.

    I have receipts from the total gear set rebuild of the transmission 7k miles ago. Oil was replaced but Redline Trans Oil. OEM throwout bearing. Exedy OEM Clutch replacement.

    Airbag recall haven't been done yet, I have all the notices for it too. Just haven't found the time to do it. Car just passed safety and emissions with flying colors.

    Car is 98% rust free. Rust has started a few years ago which I have covered with touch up paint. One spot of rust is starting to show under the rear driver quarter. You have to pull the wheel to see the spot.

    The exterior is a strong 9 out of 10 except the hood. Some scratches down the side of the rear driver quarter. Car is waxed and washed many of times. I have just polished the car too. The front clip is wrapped with PPF. Including the doors and rear lower rockers. About a $1200 job.

    Koni single adjustable shocks w/ stock springs. 2k miles on them.

    G-loc r6 pads up front. EBC Yellow pads in the rear. Pads have about 60-80% of life left. Rotors have been replaced with the pads last winter. The brake fluid is Motul 600. I can replace the pads to a less agressive pad for a little $ if its an issue. OEM coolant, might need a flush soon since the car is coming up on 120k miles.

    Stock air box with K&N filter. Stock motor, not tuned. Still a reliable K20z3. I recently drove to Nebraska and back. Not a single issue, got about 32mpg on 93 pump gas. I would replace the spark plugs soon since the car is coming up on 120k miles. Car comes with red line 5w30 oil, I have about a half a case left.

    The car has a "race" alignment. I have "crash" alignment bolts up front. It have toe out in front and in back. I can arrange the car to put back to stock alignment. I have the special C stamp RCA.

    I have a Progress Rear Sway Bar. I have the stock rear sway bar but I would replace the end link bushings or just the whole end link in my opinion. I wanted to do that this winter.

    Car comes with 5zigen fn01r-c 17x7 wheels. They have re71s on them which still have life. And stock wheels. The tires on the stock wheels have toe wear.

    The car is a national trophy winner in the Stock class for the SCCA. My first nationals I placed 7th. Not that should add value to the car which it shouldn't but the car is capable if you put the right driver behind the wheel. I have taken the car on 3 road course events and truly enjoyed it.

    I will miss how many memories and friends I have made because of this car. But priorities come first. I she taken great care of the car. Yes, the car has been raced but it means it's been maintained to its tip top shape to stay reliable as a daily would be.

    8.5k obo
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