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Last Post 20 Jun 2018 08:03 AM by  Donovan_787b
FS: 1999 Road & Track Autocross Miata for sale ($7900)
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20 Jun 2018 08:03 AM

    More Pictures:

    Call me at 424-362-8313.

    This a 1999 Mazda Miata. Fully built with forged internals. Rebuilt engine has 70,000 miles and chassis has 240,000. Chassis is in pristine shape with no body damage. This car drives better now than it did when I first bought the car with 100,000 miles on it.
    It does not rattle or make any noise. This car is smooth, refined and solid. Made for both street and track. I really do not want to sell this car because it is so clean but I need the money to build an FD RX-7.

    weight: 2400 lbs
    50:50 weight distribution

    This car has been very well taken care of. You don't need to do anything except drive it, enjoy it and keep up with regular maintenance. The car has passed smog on May 11, 2018.

    This is a registered California car. I am in the Los Angeles area. Clean title. No major accidents. All records and receipts are available.

    Summary of build:

    -Flyin' Miata stage 1 clutch + Tokico slave clutch cylinder
    -new aluminum racing 55mm radiator with 12" fan and aluminum shroud with Gates high performance radiator hoses and new oem heater hoses, oem water bypass hoses and new oem thermostat. SPAL puller fan(at 140,000 miles)
    -new battery
    -new oem starter and oem 2001 Miata alternator(this is more powerful and will give you more reserve) (at 140,000 miles)
    -New fan switch and PCV valve (at 120,000 miles)
    -engine flush (at 100,000 miles)
    -new oem fuel filter
    -fuel injection flush (at 100,000 miles)
    -intake manifold cleaned out and vacuum hose re-route (at 130,000 miles)
    -new yellow Koni sport adjustable shocks with Fatcatmotorsport bumpstop(36mm front and 46mm rear)
    -new front and rear O2 sensors
    -2001 Miata oem headers and Racingbeat O2 sensor extension wires
    -new oem coilpack
    -new oem window switch (112,000 miles)
    -New coils 8.5mm spark plug wires and NGK V-Power spark plugs
    -K&N racing oil filter
    -I only use synthetic fluids. I use Mobil 1 oil, transmission and differential, Motul RBF600 DOT 4.0 for the brakes and clutch, and for the power steering. I use Redline.
    -AC recharged and new AC lines
    -new oem front lower ball joints (at 132,000 miles)
    -new oem front tie rod ends (at 132,000 miles)
    -new oem upper control arms with ball joints. (at 130,000 miles)

    Accessories and high performance upgrades:
    -TEAM DYNAMICS Pro 1.2 racing rims (15x7), 35mm offset. They're made in England and have a reputation for being serious hardcore racing rims. Only around 13 lbs each.
    -Toyo R888 (225x50r15) tires on all four rims
    -2001 Miata seats
    -when I bought the car it had tan interior, which I didn't like so I converted to an all black interior: new black dashboard, black door panels, black carpet, and 2001 black center console.
    -Alpine speakers, power amp and Bazooka tube
    -ground wire kit
    -oil catch can
    -OEM trunk cargo net which I use to hold the Bazooka tube in place
    -KG Works stainless steel gas door lid
    -Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
    -Racingbeat Twin Tip muffler with the Roadstersport stainless steel midpipe and oem cat welded on
    -Monsterflow intake and K&N filter
    -custom made HID retrofits(TRS FX-R ) bixenon projectors with Mercedes shrouds), Denso slim ballasts and 6000K HID lightbulbs and heavy duty wiring harness
    -custom made mesh grille
    -Cobalt stainless steel underpanel
    -FD RX-7 front lip
    -Mazdaspeed pedals
    -Momo short anatomico shift knob, Momo leather shift boot, Momo brake handle and leather boot
    -Interior door handles wrapped in black leather
    -LED license plate lighbulbs installed
    -LED trunk light kit
    -Roadster flush carpet matts and trunk lid carpet
    -Boss Frog Clearview roll bar standard size with harness bar. Roll bar is wrapped with SFi padding and custom leather covers.
    -Flyin' Miata frame rails and butterfly brace
    -OEM hardtop, front bumper and rear bumper re-painted in red using PPG paint
    -SPEC Miata hardtop latches installed
    -entire car has been wet-sanded and polished, I use Zymol Rogue wax
    -chevron fender stripes( 3.10" in diameter) vinyl decals. Color is flat black
    -trunk damper kit and remote trunk release
    -Skip Cannon rear underbrace
    -Dynamat insulation on floor, door, and trunk
    -DEI Reflect-A-GOLD for the tunnel
    -Cobalt 3 point front upper strut tower bar
    -Boss Frog "Frog Arms" fender brace
    -H&R 2.5" I.D. race springs (300f/225r) with Koni coilover sleeves and Bilstein dust boots and Fatcatmotorsport urethane upper spring isolators.
    -Thompson oil filter relocation kit
    -Fumoto Oil drain valve
    -Canton aluminum coolant tank
    -Trackspeed engineering big brake kit with 11" VW Corrado rotors and 6-piston black Wilwood calipers
    -2001 sport edition rear calipers and rotors (10.8") (at 136,000 miles)
    -new cryogenically frozen front rotors(Powerslot) and Centric rear blank rotors with Hawk HPS pads in rear and Wilwood semi-metallic pads in front. (at 136,000 miles)
    -V8 Miata master brake cylinder from 949 Racing (Wilwood brand) & brake bias proportioning valve from Flyin' Miata(Wilwood brand)...I also had a custom heat shield made to protect these things.
    -aluminum wiper cowl
    -Stainless steel radiator cooling panel

    Fully built engine rebuilt (costed me $6700)
    9.5:1 compression ratio
    -Eagle H rods (forged)
    -Wiseco forged pistons
    -Billet oil pump
    -Mazdaspeed intake cam
    -new springs and valves, and viton stem seals
    -WPC treatment done on pistons, bearings, cams, oil pump gears
    -custom made oil pan baffle

    The car is due for the following maintenance repairs:

    -front lower ball joints and rack pinion dust boots
    -wheel bearings
    -new oil pan seal
    -passenger door lock actuator
    -new break pads
    -new seals for the front 6-piston Wilwood calipers.

    However, I will be giving you about $1000 worth of free parts such as a data logger, new clutch, coil pack, cat converter etc. I also have the results for the compression test and leak-down test available upon request. My numbers were very consistent.
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