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Last Post 08 Sep 2018 03:51 PM by  Mojave
FS in TX: 1989 Honda CRX Si autox/track car
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03 Sep 2018 10:54 AM

    For sale: 1989 Honda CRX Si (attachments don't seem to be working, email me for pics: mojaverider 'at' gmail

    I own too many cars and while I don't want to sell it, I need to make space.  I've owned this car since 2011 and it has been tons of fun and it's ready go win more auto-x events with some fresh tires.  Currently it is riding on some 205 RE71's that are done, maybe one autocross left in them.

    The body is pretty straight, but the paint is faded, particularly the roof, hood, hatch, and driver quarter panel.  Driver door and fender don't quite match.  All the AC components have been removed but are included.  The AC/heater control panel broke (very common on CRXs), so I made a cover panel that would be great for mounting a few gauges.  The heater box and all control cables are still present and could be hooked back up with a control panel swap (Accords are popular ones to use).  It is currently registered with Anitque plates, which are good for 5 years, no State Inspection ever, no windshield sticker, and no front license plate.  These are great if you aren't daily driving the car.  It could be swapped back to regular plates if you wanted to DD the car.  

    I've done countless autocross and track events, and the car has been 100% reliable.  It has never left me stranded and never failed to finish a track session.  With the big radiator, it runs cool in all weather.  I ran Texas World Speedway in August and the temp gauge never went above normal and the brakes felt rock solid all day.  Tires are cheap, brake pads last forever, and it gets great mileage.  I would drive from College Station to Houston, autocross the car, and then drive home on 1 tank of gas (and a tank is less than 10 gallons).

    It isn't perfect and has a few quirks, but I'll be happy to talk in detail with prospective buyers about everything.  The interior is pretty clean but not perfect.  The driver's seat is currently rigid mounted to the floor for maximum head/leg room.  I'm tall and fat but I fit great with a helmet, way more room than an NA/NB Miata.  It would be perfect for another tall/fat driver, or I can reinstall the stock seat in a few minutes so anyone can fit.  

    It comes with multiple sets of lightweight wheels and a set of factory Integra wheels with regular street tires on them.  A new set of RE71's and it's ready to do auto-x/track days.  I have pics and video of the car at events all over Texas.  I have pics of all the parts that come with it and more pics of the car.  I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car anywhere.  

    Price: $3500, would consider trades or partial trades for lead accelerators, trade value $3800.  Car is located in Bryan/College Station TX.  Possible delivery with a prepaid Paypal deposit for the cost of diesel.

    -162150 miles (original as far as I know)
    -Weighs 1975lbs ready to race without driver
    -DOHC ZC D series swap (very similar to 88-89 Integra engine)
    -Original Si wiring harness (no hacked wiring!)
    -New OEM timing belt/water pump in Aug 2016
    -Mishimoto fulls size AL radiator
    -DC Sports header, opened up for raised ZC exhaust ports
    -Stock Cat
    -Supertrapp muffler (ends under car for rear swaybar clearance)
    -PG7 Integra ECU with 7200 rpm rev limiter
    -Original Si big bearing transmission
    -Texas car, no rust
    -Clean and clear Texas title in my name (since 2011)
    -Koni SPSS shocks (shorter so no extended front top hats needed)
    -Ground control sleeves, 600 lbs front/700 lbs rear springs
    -CRX HF front sway bar (hard to find)
    -ASR Splined .250 wall rear sway bar (it's massive)
    -90-91 Civic EX front spindles and brakes (10.27" rotor vs stock 9.5" rotor, very hard to find), wheel bearings replaced with OEM Honda when installed
    -DA Integra rear trailing arms with disc brakes
    -Rear camber/toe adjustment kit
    -4040 brake proportional valve
    -90-91 Civic EX brake master cylinder (15/16" bore instead of stock 13/16" bore for larger calipers up front)
    -Steel braided brake lines
    -ARP long wheel studs all around
    -All bushings replaced with new Honda rubber bushings
    -Carbotech XP8 pads all around
    -B&M short shifter with poly shift rod bushings
    -CRX HF lightweight front bumper support
    -Sunroof deleted with carbon fiber panel (doesn't leak)
    -Non-sunroof headliner
    -No a/c, heater present but heater controls removed
    -Bluetooth CD player with decent speakers (nothing fancy but not blown own or redneck wiring special)
    -15x8 front, 15x7.5 949 Racing 6UL wheels
    -Odyssey PC545 lightweight battery mounted on stock tray with AL mount
    -18" Ultrasheild "Rallye" seat, perfect for tall/fat driver
    -NRG steering wheel with quick disconnect (with working horn button)

    Included parts:
    -Complete D16A6 engine
    -Original PM7 ECU
    -2 more Si big bearing D series transmissions
    -AL flyhwheel and good clutch
    -Set of front axles
    -Two D16A6 intake manifolds
    -Two stock cat backs
    -Set of 15x6 Integra 5 spoke wheels with good set of 195/50R15 Kumho Ecasta AST tires
    -Set of Enkei 15x7 Enkei RPF1's with bald Toyo 195/50R15 (very light wheels, $200 each new)
    -Multiple sets of injectors
    -Multiple starters
    -Multiple alternators
    -All removed AC components
    -Stock driver's seat (torn outer bolster)
    -Original sunroof headliner
    -80's tastic rear window lovers
    -Original Si spindles/brakes (popular with HF guys for B swap)
    -Stock Si rear sway bar
    -Stock Si front sway bar
    -Another CRX HF front sway bar (hard to find)
    -Spare trunk dividers (some water damage)
    -Another ZC valve cover
    -Eibach 500 lbs springs
    -Original springs/shocks
    -Another red front bumper cover (damaged)
    -Original radiator (was working fine)


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    08 Sep 2018 03:51 PM


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