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Last Post 15 Aug 2010 02:35 PM by  racingartist
Getting back into racing
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15 Aug 2010 02:35 PM
    [O]After being retired from racing for over 22 years I got bit again so I am going to give it one more time. I use to race as a crew chief but always wanted to drive. I raced SCCA F modifieds 1966,67,68 there now call B sportsracing.The I moved to dirt cars stockcars Modifys and then sprinters till 1988. Some young guys at work takled me into do the Chump car thing at Infineon and that was that i got to give this one more try but this time I am the driver. I have driven a few times and always did pretty good 4th or better. So I am picking up a Mazda RX7 1986 non-turbo. The guy I amgrtting it from calls it a Pro7 so having been out of racing so long can someone tell me about these cars. What is Pro 7 what can I do to these cars to make it competitive or at least as competitive as a 1986 RX7 can be. I am not planning to win a campionship in the car I just want to go out run the car have some fun and not get in everyones way.[;)]
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