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Last Post 01 Nov 2010 08:54 PM by  greghavener
Snow Bird Tour?
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01 Nov 2010 08:54 PM

    Hey Guys,

    I was having a cool beverage and thinking....

    I don't want to limit this idea to southwest Florida. Since my parents live near one of the most spectacular autocross sites in Florida, I have thought about an off season vacation that would include a TNT and an Autocross for a mid-winter speed fix. What if there are some other events within a week or two? What if there are a couple of mid-week events a few hours away? This might be a great way for some of us northerners to get a jump on the season.

    Maybe I could get something organized, but I just want to hear some ideas. I understand this may be a pipedream, but we all gotta dream right?

    A separate idea is an index of folks willing to rent their rides to people flying in. Most of us have loaned rides and borrowed rides. Organizing a list of people who are willing to rent cars in different parts of the country might make vacations/work out of town more special.

    Like I said, this probably won't go anywhere...what ideas can we generate?

    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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