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Last Post 09 Jan 2001 01:01 AM by  Davard
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07 Jan 2001 07:22 AM
    Could someone educate me about SOLO2 nationals.
    I realize Topeka is the National championship place, but I wanted to compete in a National type event without driving that far if possible. I am guessing there is some schedule, and pre-registration for events??? Dont get my wrong I love my regional events, but I want to get really spanked on the track, compared to the normal spanking I get in the region races.

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    Tom D
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    07 Jan 2001 09:33 AM
    The next step up from Regional Events is Divisional Events. There is also a SoloII National Tour that has events in various locations around the country. check out all of the info on:


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    09 Jan 2001 01:01 AM
    The nearest National Tour is in San Diego March 17-19 (about 450 miles), with a Pro Solo the following week in Southern Los Angeles.

    The National Tours are pre-registered events, although you can register at the event for an extra $30. You need to be an SCCA member to participate. Tech and registration for these events usually starts on Friday nights at 6:00pm.

    You usually run the course one direction on Saturday, and the other direction on Sunday. Your combined times for the two days is your total time.

    If you really want to get spanked in CSP, the San Diego event is one of the best, as the current CSP national champ will likely be there (as well as several other past National champs in CSP).

    The Solo 2 Nationals are a BIG version of the National Tour (actually, the National Tours are small, local versions of the Nationals). The Nationals are run over 4 days, split between Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday/Friday, due to the number of cars (1108 in 2000). You run one of the two courses on one day and the other course on the other day, with your time being the combined total of the two courses. Some of the classes have as many as 70 cars in them.

    I haven't gotten around to going yet, but maybe next year.

    For the National Tour schedule: [url=""][/URL]

    For the Pro Solo schedule: [url=""][/URL]

    David Avard
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