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Last Post 06 Jan 2001 04:44 PM by  Davard
the Neon motor mount thing
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06 Jan 2001 04:55 AM
    So I was thinking about the neon drivers and their motor mount. If they want to remain fully ST legal, they have to use the stock mount that has a very short life span.

    I can't imagine that allowing neons to change the motor mount in question would give them an unfair advantage.

    I'm sure that are lots of other cars that also have well-known little issues that aren't ST legal if fixed properly.

    For example, the OEM clutch in the Integra GSR is very un-Honda-like in it's longevity.

    Some cars may not have any specifically "emissions legal" aftermarket exhaust parts available (see the "problem with STS/STR" thread).

    I just think that it might be possible to make a little list of exceptions to the rules in cases such as these, without disturbing the relative equity of the class. Of course it all has to remain within reason ... arguments like "the stock diff in my VR6 keeps blowing, I want a quaife and I want to stay in STS" wouldn't really be fair.

    Or am I crazy? Will the motor mount give the neon that little edge it needs to become a class killer? SCCAForums Image
    New Member
    New Member

    06 Jan 2001 03:01 PM
    I agree that the motor mount would be good to replace in that case. I don't think that mounts allow that much more power to transmit to the wheels as once they are loaded, they stay loaded (ie: the only time you lose power is when you first get it in gear).

    The Neons are quite fast, though. I spent most of last season trying to catch a guy driving a very well set up one. Too bad once I got him scared he switched to SM. (if you're out there Huffman, I'm out to get you SCCAForums Image ).
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    06 Jan 2001 04:44 PM
    We have one of our local Neon competitors ask whether he can replace his motor mounts. He's on his third set of stock mounts and is getting tired of replacing them. He figured he was going to have to run in SM to be legal.

    I told him that as far as I was concerned, he was fine running the mounts. He's posted to the region message board asking for permission from his fellow competitors, which is I think the right way to go.

    It's a silly thing that, at the very least, the poly inserts aren't allowed.

    The only area where this might make the Neons faster is at the ProSolos, as they can launch a little harder without fear of breaking. I don't know if that would be much of an advantage though.

    David Avard
    '90 Mazda Protege LX
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