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0 Replies and 55 Views Vorshlag 5th Gen Camaro Development Thread  55  0 Started by  Fair Chassis Development Thread for 5th Gen Camaro: In this thread we will discuss the development, testing, racing and parts we have worked with on the 5th gen Camaro. Admittedly we were a 'bit late to the party' for the 5th gen, but we have our reasons. While we made our first suspension parts for the 2010-15 Camaro 'Zeta' chassis back in 2012, we just never saw a whole heck of a lot of these cars at autocross or track events until the last few years. The 'track guy in a Camaro' market has ...
0 55
25 May 2016 12:45 PM
15 Replies and 7101 Views Vorshlag Miata LS1 Alpha Project  7101  15 Started by  Fair New Project Introduction : Many of you reading this already know about Vorshlag's history with installing American V8s into European sports coupes and roadsters, but that wasn't the first V8 swap that I contemplated. Back in 1998 I purchased a 1992 'NA' 1st generation Miata. I bought it wrecked, repaired all the bodywork, and had it painted with the intention of building a 302 Ford V8 powered 'monster' Miata. That was right around the time when the LS1 engine was just being introduced into the n...
15 7101
by  FairJump to last post
12 May 2016 12:46 PM
13 Replies and 3426 Views Vorshlag Build Thread - 69 Camaro Pro Touring/Track Car  3426  13 Started by  Fair Project Introduction August 6th, 2015: This one is a bit unusual for Vorshlag - a Pro Touring build. Yes, this is the first classic Detroit iron we've done up to this level. No, we're not selling out and trying to cash in on a 'new trend' - I grew up building and driving 60s-70s F-bodies, Mustangs and Mopars. They were great looking cars with good drivetrains but had pretty terrible brakes, suspensions and chassis. I have watched the Pro Touring trend evolve from day 1 (BigRedCamaro) and have be...
13 3426
by  FairJump to last post
19 Apr 2016 05:43 PM
29 Replies and 13937 Views Vorshlag Budget TT Build: Project DANGER ZONE  13937  29 Started by  Fair
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Project Introduction, Dec 18th, 2014: Welcome to Vorshlag's latest crazy project build thread. Many of you know how we have documented our various project builds on the forums over the past 12 years and this will be another fun one. I will be cross-posting this on a number of forums, shown in the list below. Pick your favorite, subscribe, and feel free to join in the conversation! If you've never seen my build threads before, there are links buried throughout (usually in bold) as well as LOTS of...
29 13937
by  FairJump to last post
05 Apr 2016 04:49 PM
21 Replies and 4818 Views Vorshlag 2002 BMW E46 325Ci - Daily/Track Car - Project Jack Daniels  4818  21 Started by  Fair
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Project Introduction August 31st, 2015: This forum build thread covers the repairs and track prep on my wife Amy's 'new' 2002 BMW E46 coupe, which we purchased August 20, 2015. This car will get track prep towards a NASA TT class (which I will discuss in more detail in a future post), but initially we will be doing some maintenance and repairs to get this car inspected and reliable, to let her 'daily' in this little Bimmer. No, we're not just automatically sticking an LS1 V8 in the car (unless t...
21 4818
by  FairJump to last post
05 Apr 2016 04:29 PM
12 Replies and 4386 Views Vorshlag Build Thread - Mark C's 2002 C5 Corvette Track Rat  4386  12 Started by  Fair Project Introduction - April 10, 2014: This is a build thread for a customer's C5 Corvette, Mark Council. Normally I won't make a 'Vorshlag Build Thread' for every customer's car we work on, but this one is a bit special. Mark is testing out some new things we're either making, sourcing, or selling. On top of that he let me race his C5 at Optima already and I will likely take laps in testing in the future. This 2002 Z51 6-speed Corvette is being built as a 'track rat' that (for the moment) can s...
12 4386
by  FairJump to last post
12 Oct 2015 07:36 PM
14 Replies and 5316 Views Vorshlag Scion FR-S LSx Alpha Project  5316  14 Started by  Fair Project Introduction - April 12th, 2014: This is the first of many posts where we will document our first GM LSx based V8 swap into an 'FT86' chassis, or just an '86'. That's the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ rear wheel drive sports coupe, for those of you unfamiliar with the nickname. Also known as 'the twins', these two-door coupes are a co-creation from Toyota (ne Scion) and Subaru, and a revolutionary design for them both. These are two companies normally making plebeian FWD econoboxes (Toyota) ...
14 5316
by  FairJump to last post
10 Aug 2015 04:38 PM
310 Replies and 171460 Views Vorshlag 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 - auto-x/track build (STX?)  171460  310 Started by  Fair
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 3 ... 4 )
&91B&93Project introduction:&91/B&93 Some of you guys know us here at Vorshlag. We're a suspension design and manufacturing shop, making the world's best camber plates as well as numerous other items for various modern sports/sporty cars, such as: competition motor and transmission mounts, competition wheel studs, wheel spacers, and even our popular E36 LS1 swap kit. We're also an AST shock dealer and we sometimes work with AST-USA on developing new shock models and valving. We're also racer...
310 171460
by  FairJump to last post
01 Jul 2015 04:56 PM
0 Replies and 942 Views Vorshlag S550 Mustang Development  942  0 Started by  Fair Vorshlag Weighs 2015 Mustang Performance Package GT 5.0 6-spd! At long last an S550 Performance Pack 6-speed GT finally arrived in Dallas. Not the one(s) we ordered, but a stocking order GT with similar performance equipment. This has power leather seats (not the leather Recarcos we ordered) with Sat Nav, 12 speaker stereo, the bigger 15' 6-piston brakes, the 19x9/19x9.5' wheels, the works. You have all seen the 'magazine' weights thrown around, and like usual, the numbers are bunk. I swear ...
0 942
23 Oct 2014 08:03 PM
10 Replies and 12613 Views Vorshlag E46 Alpha - BMW 330Ci LSx Build Thread  12613  10 Started by  Fair Introduction (May 2011): Many of you know of Vorshlag from our earliest Vorshlag branded project car, the E36 LS1 swap, aka: 'The Alpha car'. I purchased this 1993 BMW 318is chassis back in 2002 and it was developed into the first LS1 powered E36 on the planet. This project spawned a 'kit' of parts that we started selling in 2007, and we've been developing, improving, and selling parts for this popular V8 swap ever since. There have been several other companies that took this idea and tried to m...
10 12613
by  MitchJump to last post
26 Aug 2014 05:06 AM
13 Replies and 14256 Views Brianne Corn&39;s Pike&39;s Peak Subaru STi  14256  13 Started by  Fair Brianne Corn took her 2005 Subaru STi to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) in 2011 and came away with a historic class win in the AWD Time Attack class. She is only the 2nd woman in 83 years of PPIHC's running to win a class, and she did it on a shoestring budget. That was only one of many amazing driving feats she pulled off in 2011, which also included: a historic BMod open class win at the SCCA Solo National Championships (only the 3rd woman to ever win an open class), she was the R...
13 14256
by  FairJump to last post
10 Jun 2014 11:11 AM
19 Replies and 17086 Views Vorshlag Tester Paul M's SMOD '93 Subaru Impreza Project  17086  19 Started by  Fair June 2009 update: Terry at Vorshlag here. a good friend of mine from college, and a local autocrosser and Vorshlag tester, currently has a 2008 Subaru STI running in the STU class, and also tracks it in NASA TTB: This car is well setup on AST 4200s, Vorshlag camber plates, custom swaybars, 18x9.5' wheels and sticky ST rubber (and R88s for track use). Racing seat, COBB bits and pieces, even a custom after-cat exhaust I built. Anyway, Paul has decided to build a serious autox/track car usi...
19 17086
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14 Jan 2014 07:55 PM
7 Replies and 12165 Views Vorshlag BRZ Project Build Thread  12165  7 Started by  Fair BRZ Project Introduction - August 28, 2012: We here at Vorshlag have had a cautiously optimistic view of the FT-86 Subaru/Toyota RWD joint venture starting 3 years ago when the car was first announced. As soon as the pre-production cars started circulating the USA (January-February 2012), we went to a local Subaru dealer and measured all sorts of things (which you can read about in my February 2012 post here).We noticed several things about the pre-production car pretty quickly, such as the man...
7 12165
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20 Aug 2013 06:27 PM
7 Replies and 12183 Views Vorshlag Annoucement Thread for all LS1 Swap Development  12183  7 Started by  Fair Vorshlag is your Home for LS1 Swaps Most people know Vorshlag for our automotive suspension solutions, but we've also been in the V8 swap market for over a decade. We put the first LS1 V8 into a BMW back in 2002. Doing work in our own and friends' home garages our first BMW E36 LS1 V8 swap was completed in 2005, even before Vorshlag was incorporated into a real business. By 2007 we had E36 LS1 production swap parts available and have been developing more BMW LS1 solutions ever since. We have ev...
7 12183
by  JRLJump to last post
19 Jul 2013 10:59 AM
2 Replies and 4962 Views AST 4150 Shocks Have Arrived At Vorshlag  4962  2 Started by  Fair All New AST 4150 Damper is here!After discussing these shocks last December, testing pre-production 4150 sets from July until now, and working with AST-USA on valving since 2011, the all new AST 4150 coilover monotube dampers have finally been built and are in the USA. The first pallet of 4150s shipped out of the Netherlands to the USA in late November and it has arrived in Dallas. The entire allotment was of BMW E36 and S197 Mustang 4150s, and all of it was purchased by Vorshlag. We are extreme...
2 4962
by  Paul VJump to last post
17 Mar 2013 06:32 PM
10 Replies and 8011 Views Vorshlag ChumpCar &39;98 Firebird V6 Project  8011  10 Started by  Fair Project Introduction: This is the first post on a new project that I am a part of but not in direct control over, and it is not a 'Vorshlag Build'. A couple of old college racing buddies and I are going in together on a crap can endurance race car build. If you are living under a rock and don't know what that is, there are two competing Wheel-to-Wheel endurance road racing series (24 Hours of LeMons and ChumpCar) where racers have a '$500 budget', buy a piece of crap car, do some safety upgrades...
10 8011
by  FairJump to last post
26 Feb 2013 07:30 PM
3 Replies and 9293 Views Vorshlag E46 330 Coupe (former DSP car) - FOR SALE  9293  3 Started by  Fair Note: We never ported this build thread to SCCA Forums, but you can go back and read the last 3 years of updates here: Update for Nov 4, 2012: Looks like I have been lax in updating this thread Weird. We have been street driving the car for the past ten months or so, making small updates along the way. This E46 we purchased in October 2009 has come a long way from a bone stock sunroof equipped 2001 BMW 330Ci coupe. It now has a complet...
3 9293
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12 Feb 2013 06:01 PM
81 Replies and 95366 Views Vorshlag $2010 GRM Challenge car: BMW E30 V8  95366  81 Started by  Fair
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 3 ... 4 )
...or 'How to build the perfect autox/track car for $2K' Nov 2nd Update: Starting the build thread for this project here on SCCA Forums, but it will be mirrored on several other forums. Feel free to ask questions in this thread, but PLEASE BE CONCISE and don't quote the entirety of one of my gigantic posts, or I'll trim/delete them. Thanks. Inspiration for the look we're striving for on the Vorshlag '$2010 GRM Challenge car' Project Update 1 - The Project Idea Buying the Car: So I was...
81 95366
by  FairJump to last post
31 Jul 2012 11:47 PM
43 Replies and 54888 Views Vorshlag BMW E46: DSP Auto-x Project  54888  43 Started by  Fair
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 3 )
Nov 11, 2009 Update: I've become a little tired of autocrossing in Street Touring (2005-2009), and we just sold the E36 LS1 powered 'XPrepared' autox/track car. So at the 2009 SCCA Solo Nationals I looked at hundreds of cars and dozens of classes to try to figure out what I want to build next. I decided on a D Street Prepared build but was unsure of the right BMW chassis to use. I looked initially for an E36 325is and 328is, then moved to the more powerful E46 330Coupe chassis. On Novembe...
43 54888
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19 Dec 2011 10:36 AM
4 Replies and 10085 Views Vorshlag E46 Alpha - 330Ci LSx Build Thread  10085  4 Started by  Fair Introduction: Many of you know of Vorshlag from our earliest Vorshlag branded project car, the E36 LS1 swap, aka: 'The Alpha car' . I purchased this 1993 BMW 318is chassis back in 2002 and it was developed into the first LS1 powered E36 on the planet. This project spawned a 'kit' of parts that we started selling in 2007, and we've been developing, improving, and selling parts for this popular V8 swap ever since. There have been several other companies that took this idea and tried to market a k...
4 10085
by  FairJump to last post
04 Nov 2011 12:29 PM
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