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2011 Solo Nationals SUNOCO FUELS Pick The Winners Contest

After a three year hiatus the Pick The Winners contest for the SCCA Solo National Championships is back! This year's contest is brought to you by:


Co-Sponsored by:
Off Line Racing GearAeroCatch Hood Latch KitsDriver Element Race EquipmentFat Cat Motorsports

Additional Product Sponsors:
Grassroots MotorsportsSolo Performance SpecialtiesEvolution Performance Driving School, Where2Race

RESULTS ARE IN for the 2011 Solo Nationals SUNOCO FUELS Pick The Winners Contest

SCCAForums would like to thank all the sponsors listed to the right for making this contest happen. Without them we just could not have pulled it off!! Please support your fellow racing companies and our sponsors with all your future purchases.

We also would like to thank all the Participants who made this contest so great! Just for participating some of the sponsors will be sending special discounts and coupons only available to you, and for you. Please keep an eye out in your email during the next few weeks for those special promo's.

Finally CONGRATULATIONS to the top 5 winners, you guys really know how to pick'em (or are good cheaters!) The top 5 will be receiving an email within the next 7 days from SCCAForums to confirm address, and contact information to give to the Sponsors. Majority of prizes will be delivered directly from Sponsor's except those otherwise contracted to be delivered from SCCAforums.

Top 25 Pickers below (not to be confused with the TV show!) We wanted to share every bodies picks, but thought that just might be to embarrassing for many of you!!!

UserName Correct 1st Picks Picks in 2nd Picks in 3rd
kb_solo2 43 18 5
boardkat 43 13 6
ErikZ06 42 18 5
marcfs71 42 15 6
JerryJ 42 14 7
Eunos 42 10 6
Davard 41 21 3
Vanimaniac 41 20 4
Ruff 41 17 7
jgoeke 41 14 10
fd_racer 41 13 9
jchiu 41 13 5
lotusboy 41 13 5 41 12 10
sm2dan 41 11 10
mp5 41 11 8
Chiketkd 40 18 6
alwaysracin 40 14 7
rickmartinez 40 13 8
Rx7cat 40 13 7
justint5387 40 11 9
epcrx 40 11 7
pinkertonpunk 39 18 8
edj 39 17 3

Lastly we wanted to save a couple prizes for the last place finishers, ya know the people who while trying to make a solid effort just didn't do very well!! We have a tie for last place, and would like to congratulate those two for winning the coveted "but we tried hard" award.
we have a couple T-shirts coming your way!!!

SCCAForums wants to again thank everyone for making this website the best SCCA racing website on the planet. Please take a moment to like our facebook and twitter pages. We soon will be streaming more racing news across those channels in an effort to keep our membership up on all the best racing news topics. As always if you have any comments or suggestions to help improve the forum, please feel free to leave those comments within the Questions/Suggestions thread.

Thank You
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