2012 Solo Nationals Pick The Winners Contest

The SCCAForums Pick The Winners contest for the SCCA Solo National Championships is back! This year's contest is brought to you by SCCAForums.com

How it works?

Here's how the contest works, pick who you think will win their class at the 2012 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships. The person with the most correct "Picks" wins!

How do I pick?

To pick your winners, you need to be logged in to SCCAForums.com, then visit the Vote Now page. For each class listed on the voting page you can choose the driver you think will win.

What can I win?

Lots of stuff! The top 5 in the final standings win prizes. First please make sure your profile is up to date with current email address and state. If we cannot contact you, we cannot send out your prize! Check out these great prizes from our Sponsors.

Who should I vote for?

That is up to you, people typically vote for a) their friends, b) who they think will win, c) the first or last person in the class list, or d) someone random. How you decide to vote is up to you.

How often can I vote?

You can come back and vote as often as you like, essentially each time you come back you are updating your previous vote. Whatever your vote is for a class at our deadline is your final selection.

When does voting end?

Voting ends at 9pm CST on 9/3/2012 (Monday night before the Solo Nationals starts). After 9pm you won't be able to update your votes.

Do I have to vote for someone in every class?

There are over 70 classes with competitors listed for the 2012 Solo Nationals. You only have to vote for the classes you want to vote for. You can always come back and vote for additional classes later, or change your votes. You should remember how the prizes work though. The person with the most correct "Picks" gets first place, so you want to try to get as many correct picks as possible!

What happens if there is a tie?

If multiple people have the same number of 1st place picks, then we will go to a tie breaker, comparing your Picks to those folks who finished second in class (but didn't win), any ties there will go down to third place finishers, and so fourth until the tie is broken.

Where can I see who has the most votes?

If you want to see the current standings for votes, check out the Results page

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